The Owners

Janna Broxterman- M.A., LMFT & Addictions Specialist


Received Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in 1999. Co-Owner of Pathways Therapy and Wellness Center.  Been in practice for 18 years.  Times are extremely hard for all of us at this time. Stress, frustration, and anxiety are at an all time high for many individuals. This affects all involved directly or indirectly. It bleeds into relationships, families, work, and above all emotional and physical well being. I am here to help.  My focus lies with couples, individuals, adolescents, and families. Whether it is relationship issues, family dynamics, or individual coaching, all problems and issues can be processed and resolved successfully. My focus when working on relationships and families is developing healthy communication skills, acceptance, and responsibility. And above all TRUST. I find that healthy communication is the most common problem in all relationships which affect all areas in our lives...Work, couples, and families. My therapy is centered in all areas of mental health including, grief, loss & mourning, pet grief, PTSD, anxiety, stress to name a few.  I specialize in all addictions. The therapy is not just with the one who suffers from addiction but all who love and support him/her as well.  An atmosphere of acceptance and trust is imperative in my room. We work through problems and find the solution. Behaviors and perceptions can change for the benefit of the client. One is never too young or too old to change for a healthy path to living well...

Renee Khan MS- LMFT & LCADC


During tough times in life, therapy is there to help people manage and cope. Whether you are an individual looking to change things in your life, a couple hoping to improve your relationship, or a family struggling, I am here for you.  I graduated from the University of Las Vegas with a Bachelor's Degree, majoring in psychology. I realized that I enjoyed the field so much that I went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Counseling. My focus was Marriage and Family Therapy and Medical Family Therapy. I completed my research in the Medical Family Therapy area, working with couples and families who were dealing with chronic and terminal illnesses. After graduating I began my internship concentrating on individuals, couples, and families. Throughout this time I also began my work in the Substance Abuse Field becoming a Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. I have also recently become an approved supervisor in the addictions area.  In November 2005 I opened up a practice with two co-therapists and close friends. We began small and have grown over the years. We have incorporated interns into our office and well as becoming Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisors. It has been an exciting and rewarding time, helping others to break into the counseling field.  During this time I have seen a variety of clients, helping people with everything from life coaching to marriage difficulties to mental health problems. I find that people just need someone to listen to them and help them solve their dilemmas. By building a relationship with you I can help you make changes in your life and solve problems that you face.

Geneva Wallace- LMFT & LCADC


Received a B.A. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Counseling & Special Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Received an endorsement in Marriage & Family Therapy at Regis University. Approved Supervisor for Marriage & Family Interns, Alcohol and Drug Inerns and Student interns.  I have over 30 years of practical experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, families, childen and adolescents working with a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and treatment issues.  Life can be difficult during this time, therapy can be a refuge where you can process frustration, anxiety, sadness and other feelings that are related to the adjustments that people have to make. I will provide an atmosphere of trust and caring to help you.  A therapeutic relationship is developed in a safe, trusting environment where you can explore, find healing and have a more positive way of living. My approach is heartfelt, direct and engaging. I start where you are now and use a variety of modalities depending on your needs and what works best for you. The overall goal is for you to grow and enhance a healthy balance of life. Problems can be resolved, I am here to help you.  In addition to psychotherapy, I also provide treatment in all addictions including chemical and behavioral. As well as anxiety, mood disorders, grief, relationships , children, ADHD and other related mental issues.