Janna Broxterman MA.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Addictions Specialist

Received Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in 1999. Have practiced for 11 years.

Times are extremely hard for all of us at this time. Stress, frustration, and anxiety are at an all time high for many individuals. This affects all involved directly or indirectly.
It bleeds into relationships, families, work, and above all emotional and physical well being. I am here to help.

My focus lies with couples, individuals, adolescents, and families. Whether it is relationship issues, family dynamics, or individual coaching, all problems and issues can be processed and resolved successfully. My focus when working on relationships and families is developing healthy communication skills, acceptance, and responsibility. And above all TRUST. I find that healthy communication is the most common problem in all relationships which affect all areas in our lives...Work, couples, and families. My therapy is centered in all areas of mental health including, grief, loss & mourning, pet grief, PTSD, anxiety, stress to name a few.

I specialize in all addictions. The therapy is not just with the one who suffers from addiction but all who love and support him/her as well.

An atmosphere of acceptance and trust is imperative in my room. We work through problems and find the solution. Behaviors and perceptions can change for the benefit of the client. One is never too young or too old to change for a healthy path to living well...

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